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Strategic Intent

Perhaps the only sustainable competitive advantage that an organisation can truly have is the ability to be ahead of change. Becoming an accurate predictor of change is one of the key attributes that enables a business to survive in difficult times and to prosper in more stable periods of time.

Whether a world class organisation or smaller enterprises, good change predictors all have one thing in common; excellent Strategic Intent!

Quality Strategic Intent is comprised of many important components:

  • Visionary Statements that clearly define the future
  • Mission Plans that describe how the future will be obtained
  • Value Statements that define how an organisation responds to situations
  • Goal Plans that support all activities to create the future
  • High Focus Areas that sharpen engagement in the goals
  • High Return Activities that deliver daily action on the focus areas
  • Road Maps that allow Stakeholders to know when they have arrived at the future

Our skilled staff has helped many organisations to develop Strategic Intent. Regardless of the size or position, all businesses can gain an edge by developing quality intent in all of their marketplace activities.

McKenzie is a leading facilitator in the field of Change Prediction.

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